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  • 12cm 88oC Resistance Fan
    • Vortex frame design concentrate air flow to cool hot spot directly
    • S-blade with winglet design to improve cooling efficiency
    • Working ambient temperature up to 88oC
    • PWM speed control for the best balance of performance and silence
    • Patented Barometric Oilless (BOL) Bearing for long lifespan and silent spinning
    • Rubber screws to reduce vibration and keep silent operation


    Vortex frame design

                 Blade design
    LEPA VORTEX 88C uses a special multi-vortex frame design and creates a cyclone jet blast to drive the air flow. The cyclone blast is concentrated, yet powerful, enhancing superb air convection to suppress the heat.   The S-blade composed with an advanced winglet structure which minimize the turbulence and stabilize the airflow; it allows the fan to operate with lower noise level and higher flow rate.

    Patented BOL bearing designed for extreme silent operation @ 88oC ambience, which surpasses normal sleeve and 2 ball fan!


                 Long lifespan, silent spinning 

    Patented BOL (Barometric Oilless) bearing is a self-lubricating design with Nano materials.
    The bearing features minimal friction operation;  therefore it is quieter than traditional 2 ball-bearing.
    The special Nano materials intentionally used for high working temperature, with MTBF≧160,000 hours.


     Model Name LPVX88C12P
     Dimension 120 x 120 x 25 mm
     Speed 600 ~ 1600 rpm
     Air Flow 26.72 ~ 68.72 CFM
     Air Flow 45.43 ~ 116.83 m3/h
     Static Pressure 0.710 ~ 2.343 mm-H2O
     Noise Level 15 ~ 25 dBA
     Rated Voltage 12V DC
     Input Current 0.2 A
     Input Power 2.4 W
     MTBF ≧160,000 hour
     Connector 1 x 4 pin PWM connector, 1 x 4 pin fan power adaptor