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  • Soft touch coating front panel
    • Soft touch coating for noble and refined style
    • Support motherboard up to micro ATX, ATX size
    • EASY Installation     
      • Cut-out on M/B tray for quick CPU cooler montage
      • Direct access bay for installing hard drive quickly
    • Superior Expansion Ability
      • Removable 2.5" HDD bracket supports up to 390mm VGA card
      • Supports up to 165mm height CPU cooler
    • 16mm clearance behind M/B tray for easy cable routing
    • Considerate cooling performance with up to 6 x fan capacity (*Depending on the model)
      • Left 2 x 12cm fans
      • Front 2 x 12cm fans
      • Rear 1 x 12cm fan 
      • Top 1x 12 cm fan
    • Removable dust filter at bottom for easy cleaning
    • Accessible front I/O interfaces with up to 2 x USB 3.0 or 2 x USB 2.0 and HD audio (*Depending on the model)


    Model Name
    2 x USB 2.0, HD Audio
    1 x USB 3.0 ,
    1 x USB2.0, HD Audio
    2 x USB 3.0, HD Audio
    Dimension (D) x (W) x (H)
    453 x 203 x 427mm
    M/B Type
    ATX , Micro ATX
    5.25" Drive Bay
    2 Exposed
    3.5" Drive Bay
    3 Hidden
    2.5" Drive Bay
    4 Hidden
    Panel Color Black (Soft touch coating)
    Expansion Slots
    Fan Slot
    2 x 12cm (Optional)
    1 x 12cm (Included)
    1 x 12cm / None (Optional)
    2 x 12cm or Acrylic Window (Optional)
    Power Supply
    ATX 12V (Optional)



    Cut-out on M/B tray for CPU cooler montage   Glittering blue LED light

    Dual front fans slots
      Removable 2.5” bracket for longer VGA card

    Dust filter under PSU slot   One extra 2.5” HDD space at the bottom



     LPC306B-B  LPC306BE-B

     LPC306A-B  LPC306AE-B