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  • 12cm 4 Color Casino Fan
    • Vortex frame design concentrate air flow to cool hot spot directly
    • Patented spiral LED with 4 color LEDs (blue*9, red*9, green*9 and white*9) and 5 lighting effects
    • PWM speed control for the best balance of performance and silence
    • Working ambient temperature up to 88oC
    • Patented Barometric Oilless (BOL) Bearing for long life span and silent spinning
    • Reflex blade design enhance LED brightness
    • Rubber screws to reduce vibration and keep silent operation 

    LED mode 
    1. Sparkle   2. All On   3. Flash   4. Casino   5. Off

    Vortex frame design              88oC
    LEPA Casino 4C uses a special multi-vortex frame design and creates a cyclone jet blast to drive the air flow. The cyclone blast is concentrated, yet powerful, enhancing superb air convection to suppress the heat.   Patented BOL bearing designed for extreme silent operation @ 88oC ambience, which surpasses normal sleeve and 2 ball fan!



                 Long lifespan, silent spinning 

    Patented BOL (Barometric Oilless) bearing is a self-lubricating design with Ceramic Nano materials.
    The bearing features minimal friction operation, therefore it is than traditional 2 ball-bearing.


     Model Name LPVC88C4C12P
     Dimension 120 x 120 x 25 mm
     LED Color 4 Colors ( blue, red, green and white)
     LED Quantity 36 (4*9)
     LED Type Patented spiral LED / Various effects
     LED Effects 5 effects
     Speed 600 ~ 1600 (±10%) rpm
     Air Flow 24.85 ~ 63.91 CFM
     Air Flow 42.25 ~ 108.65 m3/h
     Static Pressure 0.66 ~ 2.18 mm-H2O
     Noise Level 15 ~ 25 dBA
     Rated Voltage 12V DC
     Input Current 0.4 A
     Input Power 4.8 W
     MTBF ≧100,000 hours
     Connector 1 x 4 pin PWM connector, 1 x 4 pin fan power adaptor