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  • LM001   LM002
    2 x (6+2)P PCI-E
    4 x SATA

    LM003  LM004
    4 x 4P Molex + FDD 2 x SATA + 2 x 4P Molex


    If you plan to put in 2 or more high end, power demanding GPU cards, please choose the motherboard that comes with extra 4P Molex/ 4P FDD/ 6P PCI-E power socket(s) on board and connect them with your power supply. This will prevent the motherboard from overloading and possibly causing damage to your system including your power supply. The damage to the motherboard and the power supply caused by failing to do the above instruction will not be covered under Lepa manufacture’s warranty. Please refer to your motherboard’s user manual to configure your system properly to prevent damage to your system and your power supply.

    Please only use the modular cable provided in your LEPA power supply package. Do NOT use other modular cables to prevent pin configuration damage to your system and your power supply