AM4 Retention Kits for LEPA CPU Coolers
Feb. 17, 2017, Taoyuan, Taiwan – The AMD AM4 socket will be available on shelves soon; to ensure perfect compatibility with the latest platform, the retention brackets for LEPA CPU coolers listed below will be available for current owners to order.
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LEPA Launches NEOllusion, the World’s Leading RGB CPU Cooler
November 17, 2016, Taoyuan, Taiwan – LEPA presented the working prototype of NEOllusion at Computex 2016; this unique RGB cooler instantly became a fascinating eye-catcher for its vivid luminance and impeccable RGB lighting effects.
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LEPA Launches CHOPPER ADVANCE Fans with Kaleidoscopic Lighting Effects
November 1, 2016, Taoyuan, Taiwan – CHOPPER ADVANCE, the successor of original Chopper series is ready to show off the new quad-ring LED technology that delivers vivid illumination effects for PC gamer enthusiast and modder.
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