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  • 400/500/600W

    • High efficiency 5Vsb circuit helps system to meet EU ErP Lot 6 2010 standby low power consumption requirements
    • 12cm fan with thermal programmed speed controller providing silent cooling performance
    • PCI-E connector supplied supporting extreme graphic cards
    • Protected by Over Power, Over Voltage, Over Current, Short-Circuit, and Brown Out protections circuits
    • CPU 12V connector rail with >18A output to support next generation ﹥6 cores processor structure
    • Extended CPU connector cable to 60cm facilitates installation with bottom-mounted-PSU chassis
    • SATA power connector with 3.3V rail to support new generation SSD
    • Active PFC switching circuit improves Power Factor value up to 0.99, reducing AC line reactive power loss to minimum level. (N400-SA-EU, N500-SA-EU, N600-SA only)
    • 2 year warrenty